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List of all shark attacks in Central Province

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 23 shark attacks in Central Province. Out of those, 12 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 52.17%. 20 attacks came out of the blue while 3 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Ragelapara reef 25-12-2019 16h30SpearfishingFATALYES 33yo Kala Gerea
Hula, near Port Moresby 10-09-2011 AfternoonTiger shark, 2mKite SurfingLacerations to right legNO 30yo Thomas Viot
Hula SwimmingFATALYES A.M.yo a Papuan
Tupuselei Village, about 40 miles east of Port Moresby Tiger shark, 3.4 m [11'] capturedSpearfishingFATAL, legs bittenYES 26yo Doas Hehuni
Kapakapa 3.7 m [12'] sharkSpearfishing, holding 5' speared fishLeft forearm & hand bitten, surgically amputatedNO Bogana Sabati
Paga Point or Fishermans Island, Port Moresby 4.3 m [14'] sharkFishingFATAL, tissue removed from abdomen & thighYES 34yo Kara Benagi, from Hula
Paga Point, Port Moresby FishingLeg bitten, but survivedNO native
Port Moresby "a large shark"Dived for a coinFATAL, leg severed just below hipYES Raho-Heni
Yule Island FishingLeg severed, but survivedNO Tsira Native
Kalautu Village, Baibara at the mouth of Oibada River 18h00Wobbegong sharkSwimmingRight thigh bittenNO 8yo Niu Bodu
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