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List of all shark attacks in Exuma Islands

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 5 shark attacks in Exuma Islands. Out of those, none have thankfully been fatal. 3 attacks came out of the blue while 2 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Compass Cay 27-07-2013 16h45Nurse sharkCleaning fishBitten on left handNO 64yo male
01-10-2010 Lemon sharkSnorkelingCalf bittenNO Jose Molla
Off Jaws Beach, New Providence Island 28-08-2010 Shark involvement prior to death was not confirmedSwimming after boat became disabledHis partial remains were recovered from a 12' tiger shark on September 5, 2010. Cause of death was thought to be drowningNO 43yo Judson Newton
05-03-2009 7' sharkSpearfishingLacerations to right forearm after he poked the shark with his spear PROVOKED INCIDENTNO 48yo Luis Hernandez
Sampson Cay 08-07-1987 13h30SnorkelingRight leg bittenNO 35yo male from pleasure craft Press On Regardless
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