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List of all shark attacks in Guerrero

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 15 shark attacks in Guerrero. Out of those, 8 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 53.33%. 13 attacks came out of the blue while 2 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Off Barra Vieja 22-11-2019 15h00FishingLacerations to arm from hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENTNO male
Troncones 20-03-2019 17h30Swimming20 cm gash to right legNO 32yo Alex Wilton
Boca de la Leña, La Unión 28-05-2012 09h00Bull shark, 3mFree diving / spearfishingLeft hand severedNO 46yo Benigno Medina Navarrete
Ixtapa 29-09-2001 Late morningTiger shark, 1.8 m [6']Body surfingHand injuredNO 26yo Brian Lavelle
La Playa Hornos (near Acapulco) 31-12-1976 14h30SwimmingFATAL, left leg severed, neck cutYES Mexican male
Acapulco Bay 30-11-1973 Late afternoonSwimming alongside yacht Mexico FiestaFATALYES 20syo American male
Revolcadero Beach, Acapulco 03-04-1973 18h00WadingFATAL, multiple bitesYES 45yo John P.R. Nicholls
Revolcadero Beach, Acapulco 26-02-1973 SwimmingFATAL, multiple bitesYES 57yo Dr. Leo Ephraim Fischer
Revolcadero Beach, Acapulco 24-12-1972 AfternoonBody surfingFATAL, hand severed, right leg and torso bittenYES 17yo Gerald Soukoff
Copacabana Beach, Acapulco 05-04-1971 11h00SurfingFATAL, left thigh bittenYES 19yo Jimmy Rowe
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