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List of all shark attacks in Louisiana

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 13 shark attacks in Louisiana. Out of those, 1 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 7.69%. 9 attacks came out of the blue while 4 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Lake Ponchartain off Southshore Harbor, New Orleans 07-08-2014 AfternoonBull shark, 5'SwimmingMinor lacerations to left heel and big toeNO 7yo Trent Trentacosta
Curlew Island, Breton Sound 31-07-2009 10h00Bull shark?Wade FishingRight ankle & foot bittenNO 56yo Chris Haynes, Jr.
Midnight Lump (38 miles offshore) 29-02-2000 16h00Shortfin mako shark, 3 m to 3.4 m [10' to 11']SpearfishingNo injury to diver, speargun damagedNO 39yo Kurt Bickel
40 miles off Cocodrie 16-06-1989 1.8 m [6'] sandtiger sharkSpearfishingPuncture wounds & lacerations to both legsNO 45yo Carl Loe
New Orleans 21-08-1988 Tiger shark, 1.8 m [6']Diving in Sharkey's Reef restaurant’s aquariumArm bitten by captive shark PROVOKED INCIDENTNO Wiley Beevers
13-01-1988 Mako sharkFishingHand bitten by captured shark PROVOKED INCIDENTNO Chip
Scofield - Sandy Point 20-07-1976 PlayingLeg bittenNO 10yo Travis Raigan
Pontchartrain Beach 11h452' sharkWadingLeft legNO 4yo Barbara Croft
off Grand Lake, Cameron Parish AfternoonShrimpingLeft calf severely bitten & became septic but he survivedNO William Leary
Lake Pontchartrain 21h00Wading6 puncture wounds to lower legNO 27yo Corrine Hammett
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