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List of all shark attacks in Loyalty Islands

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 7 shark attacks in Loyalty Islands. Out of those, 1 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 14.29%. 6 attacks came out of the blue while 1 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Bay of Bweedro, Ouvéa 22-02-2011 Early afternoon1.5 m sharkSpearfishingLacerations to left forearmNO 21yo Jean-Luc Majele
Bay of Luengoni, Lifou Island 29-09-2007 Early morningTiger sharkSwimmingFATALYES 23yo Stéphanie Belliard
Ouvéa 31-01-2007 SpearfishingSurvivedNO male
Maré 23-11-2005 20h30SpearfishingArm bittenNO Emile
Lifou 02-03-2002 Shark involvement prior to death unconfiredSpearfishingPRESUMED FATAL, body not recoveredNO 44yo Yves Koidrin
Ouvea 13-03-1999 Morning200 to 300 kg sharkSpearfishingMultiple injuriesNO Blaise Wouanena
We, Lifou 28-02-1983 "a small shark"Calf bittenNO a teenager
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