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List of all shark attacks in Mississippi

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 6 shark attacks in Mississippi. Out of those, 2 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 33.33%. 4 attacks came out of the blue while 2 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Cat Island, Harrison County 02-07-1995 Blacktip sharkFishingMinor laceration to leg from a hooked shark PROVOKED INCIDENTNO 32yo Cheryl Lowman
River mouth Tiger sharkFloating with life buoy after pilot launch capsizedFATALYES Gus Ericsson
Horn Island 10-07-1963 1.2 m [4'] sharkFishing, on charter boat Silver DollarCuts on right hand, PROVOKED INCIDENTNO 24yo James Ronald Mason, deckhand
Mississippi City 04-07-1960 Pulling raft out to ride to shoreLeg bittenNO 17yo Henry Hanson, Jr.
Bay St. Louis, Hancock County 04-07-1906 Fishermen recovered partial remains from shark a week laterSwimmingFATALYES a St. Stanislaus College student
Pass Christian, Hamilton County 09-07-1886 02h00Wading12-inch laceration to right calfNO 45yo John Zarrac
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