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List of all shark attacks in Veracruz

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 17 shark attacks in Veracruz. Out of those, 12 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 70.59%. 13 attacks came out of the blue while 4 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Panuco River Mouth Fishing schooner Jose Luis founderedremains of one of the crew found in sharkYES
Coatzacoalcos BathingFATAL x 3YES 3 men
Villa del Mar Beach, Veracruz Between 11h00 & 12h00InvalidSwimmingNo injury, a shark made a threat displayNO 68yo Manuel Zamora, a lawyer
Veracruz 25-10-1967 SwimmingFATALYES "a youth"
Cabo Rojo 05-02-1967 14h00The shrimper Loless Maurine capsized in heavy seas & the men were swimming ashoreFATALYES Carlos Humberto Mendez & Esteban Robles
Playa Villa del Mar 07-09-1965 18h00300-kg [662-lb] sharkLeg & arm bittenNO 23yo Miguel Salas Gonzalez
Mocambo 25-07-1965 17h00BathingFATAL, both legs severedYES 25yo Hector Serfio Trillio Jimenez
Mocambo 08-06-1965 14h00SwimmingRight forearm severed, right leg bitten and surgically amputatedNO 38yo Father Miguel de Jesus Chavez, a Catholic priest
Playa Mocambo 28-05-1965 12h00SwimmingFATAL, left leg & right arm severedYES Ignacio Millán
Playa Mocambo 27-05-1965 SwimmingFATAL, left arm & right leg severedYES Fidel Garcia Montero
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