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List of all shark attacks in columbia

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 9 shark attacks in COLUMBIA. Out of those, 2 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 22.22%. 8 attacks came out of the blue while 1 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

23-06-2016 11h00Caribbean reef shark, 4.5'Scuba DivingSevere bite to right handNO 59yo Arturo Velez
Libertad, San Onofre 04-07-2011 10h30KayakingRight arm bitten, defense wounds to left handNO 17yo Andrés Tulio Amaya Vidal
Albuquerque Cay 05-06-2011 SpearfishingInjuries to right hand and forearmNO 24yo Jhon Jairo James
Cartegena BathingFATALYES 4 people killed in the past week, others injured
Makuaka Caño, Taganga 07-08-1968 10h302 m sharkDynamite fishingLacerations to headNO 18yo Abel Mattos Antoniou Vasquez
13-08-1967 3 fingers were bitten by a sharkNO Thomas Walsh
Off Cartagena 13-01-1966 Shark involvement not confirmedColombian (Avianca) DC-4 airliner plunged into the sea 5 minutes after takeoff10 survived, 51 perished.YES
Roncador Bank, 135 nm north of San Andres 31-12-1960 1.8 m [6'] sharkTaking boat from California to Florida when it ran aground & he was swimming back to boatLeg bittenNO Joe Chaney
Southwest of Cartegena 31-12-1954 1.5 m [5'] sharkSpearfishingSwim fin & foot bittenNO 12yo Gabriel Echiavarria
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