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List of all shark attacks in israel

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 8 shark attacks in ISRAEL. Out of those, none have thankfully been fatal. 5 attacks came out of the blue while 3 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Haifa 21-11-2019 SnorkelingNo injury, swim fin bittenNO Hanan Shaul
Ashdod 28-09-2013 11h30DivingHand bittenNO 27yo Erez Lev
North Beach, Eilat 06-09-1974 17h00Shortfin mako shark, 2.3 m [7.5']SwimmingBitten 12 times: multiple lacerations on hands, arms, shoulder breast thigh, both legs, left forearm surgically amputatedNO 20yo Beatrice Aharonowich
Jura Village FishingLaceration to backNO 15yo Kamel Mustapha Ayesh
SwimmingSurvived. R.A.F. pilot, seeing commotion in the water, dived his plane to investigate and scared off sharkNO British constable
2 km north of Apollonia 30-08-1962 2.5 m [8.25'] sharkFishingDetails unknown, possibly a PROVOKED INCIDENTNO fisherman
Sidny Ali 20-01-1935 Shark involvement prior to death unconfirmedhuman remains washed ahoreNO
Nabi Rubin 26-09-1933 3 sharksFishingOne man bitten on thigh, another on armNO 2 males
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