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List of all shark attacks by Porbeagle shark

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


Porbeagle shark is responsible for 9 attacks. Out of those, none have thankfully been fatal. 6 attacks came out of the blue while 3 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

SPAIN Gran Canaria 15-09-2017 Porbeagle, 1.5 mBody surfingLacerations to right footNO 13yo male
SCOTLAND Off the Isle of Islay 30-08-2012 Porbeagle shark, 7'Shark fishingNo injury, shoe bitten by hooked and landed shark PROVOKED INCIDENTNO 53yo Hamish Currie
USA Burnt Cove near Eastport, Washington County 22-10-2010 AfternoonPorbeagle shark, 8'Scuba divingNo injury to diver, shark bit his video cameraNO 30yo Scott MacNichol
CANADA Bay of Fundy 04-12-2000 Porbeagle shark, 3 m [10']rkDiving for sea urchinsNo injuryNO 30yo Daniel MacDonald
BRITISH ISLES Beesands 31-05-1971 3.6 m porbeagle sharkScuba divingNo injury, said to have been attacked by shark but drove it away with a lobster hookNO 32yo Jimmy Johnson
ENGLAND Blue or porbeagle sharkLeg abradedNO male
MALTA between Filfla Island and Wied iz-Zurrieq Porbeagle or white sharkFishingNo injury to occupants, but Emmanuel "later died of shock in hospital"NO boat: occupants: Nazzareno Zammit & Emmanuel
ITALY Savona Porbeagle sharkScullingAfter he hit the shark with an oar, the shark bit the oar and overturned the boat PROVOKED INCIDENTNO 20yo Gino Bardolini
ENGLAND Mill Bay 30-04-1812 Thought to involve a porbeagle or mako sharkSwimmingBoth legs injuredNO soldier from the Lancashire militia
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