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Sharing & QoL improvements

  • Added scroll to top of the page button
  • All settings are now easily accessible at the bottom right corner
  • Improved ad placement
  • Added a share widget to all major pages
  • Blog page overhaul
  • Improved Bull shark data
  • Released an article on Bull sharks


Shark Utopia gets a new look!

  • Reworked all of the attack views
  • Added country, area & species specific search
  • Improved species view
  • Reworked movie and game pages


Shark attack data major overhaul

  • Automated GSAF parsing and reworked database models.
  • Added attacks by country filtering
  • Added filtering by shark species
  • Added filtering by area
  • Improved sorting by date


Data improvements

  • Added a correct image for Tasselled Wobbegong, huge props to the marine biology community!
  • Updated Frilled Shark's description.


Data and style updates

  • Added shark species to Mako: Jaws of Death & U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men of Courage movies
  • Added shark species for several video games
  • Fixed multiple visual bugs
  • Increased font sizes in a couple of spots


Major shark view updates

  • Added movies & video games to specific shark species
  • Added shark species to movies
  • Added shark species to games


Shark Utopia gets its newsletter!

  • Added a newsletter signup form
  • Refactored and improved mobile navigation


Bug Fixes and overall app health update

  • Fixed Add Game and Edit Game form submissions
  • Fixed Add Movie and Edit movie form submissions
  • Removed dead files


Shark movies & video games

  • Created shark movies page and added 113 movies
  • Created shark video games page and added 46 games
  • Created singular pages for all movies and games


PWA & Overall improvements

  • Shark Utopia becomes a Progressive Web App!
  • Added a favicon
  • Unified links
  • Started collecting data about shark video games
  • Increased the size of mobile navigation


Attack explorer UI improvements

  • Further improve attack view responsivness
  • Linked website with search engines
  • Fixed mobile padding on Attacks By Country view
  • Updated changelog & roadmap


Attack explorer UI improvements

  • Fix up attack view responsiveness
  • Add names to attacks by area


Attack explorer UI improvements

  • Added pagination to species view
  • Add names to attacks by area


Attack explorer UI & data improvements

  • Added real pagination to attacks by area
  • New navbar
  • Fixed up area names


Code and UI improvements

  • Refactored attack tables code
  • Categorized attacks by Country, Area & Species
  • Added pagination to shark attack explorer


Shark attack explorer improvements

  • Aggregated attack data for Great Whites
  • Aggregated attack data for Tigers
  • Aggregated attack data for Bulls
  • Aggregated attack data for Makos
  • Added attack viewer to Shark view
  • Added attack summary to Shark view


Shark Attack explorer

  • Added attacks by area
  • Added attacks by country
  • Created views for specific areas & countries


Shark Attack explorer data collection

  • Linked database with Global Shark Attack file
  • Grouped attacks by area & countries
  • Aggregated fatal & provoked attack counts


Adding new shark data & UI improvements

  • Added Tasselled Wobbegong
  • Added Port Jackson shark
  • Added loaders to `Add a shark` & `Add data` forms
  • Added Settings page


Metric/Imperial converter, UI improvements & QOL updates

  • Added Metric/Imperial converter
  • Shark Utopia gets an awesome logo, thanks Tg Games!
  • Fix home page background image issues
  • Fixed Porbeagle shark weight
  • Added roadmap and changelog pages to mobile nav


Adding new shark data & UI improvements

  • Added Cookiecutter shark
  • Added Greenland shark
  • Updated Goblin shark
  • Displayed weight & length correctly on Search and Shark pages
  • Fixed filtering by weight issues
  • Fixed description issues


UI and data contribution improvements

  • Various UI updates
  • Added contributors section to Add Data modal
  • Created Add species modal
  • Handled empty values on shark view


Platform improvements

  • Shark Utopia gets it's own custom backend!
  • Fixed mobile filter issues
  • Improved shark sorting and filtering


Platform launched on https://www.shark-utopia.com


    Connected with Fishbase API


      Created Shark view


        Created species explorer


          First line of code written!


            Settings icon