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Big White Shark Attack

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About Big White Shark Attack

Live the life of an angry shark in the big sea looking for food. Get on a series of wildlife hunting and attacking challenges in this shark attack simulator. Some hunters are there to hunt down sharks and their other species. Start rampage and attack whatever comes in your way. Get on the underwater expedition and be a killer shark. Revenge is on your mind so jump out of the water and make humans your prey. Attack people around and unleash the underwater predator inside you in this wildlife shark attack. Attack boats, jet skis, humans and hunters looking to hunt fishes, shark, whales and other small species. Play shark revenge attack simulator and swim inside the water. This underwater simulator will let you play as a giant shark unleashing upon others to cause destruction and mayhem. Turn yourself on the evil side in this shark attack simulator 3d. Start the game with underwater simulation hitting boats, killing humans, finding some hidden stuff and protecting your other species. Rule the vast sea with your vicious and brutal attacks. Kill hunters, fisherman and others people around and be a ruthless underwater predator.

Shark species in Big White Shark Attack

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Be honest, when was the last time you watched a decent shark movie?