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List of all shark attacks in Eastern Cape Province

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 165 shark attacks in Eastern Cape Province. Out of those, 23 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 13.94%. 135 attacks came out of the blue while 30 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Nahoon Beach, East London 25-12-2019 07h00Surf skiingNo injury, shark bit surf skiNO Roger Swinney
East London 08-11-2019 06h50White shark, 4 mKayaking fishingNo injury, kayak damagedNO Bradley Beamish
East Beach, Port Alfred 09-07-2019 10h30White shark, juvenileSurfingLeg injuredNO 20'syo Dusty Phelan
30 nm off Port Elizabeth 04-03-2019 16h002.5 m sharkFishingLacerations to arm from shark caught in trawl net PROVOKED INCIDENTNO 46yo male
Nahoon Beach, East London 11-05-2018 11h00SurfingMinor injury, marks on boardNO male
St. Francis Bay 02-04-2018 15h00White sharkSurfingLacerations to left knee & lower legNO 19yo Ross Spowart
Nahoon Reef, East London 06-07-2017 15h00White shark, 2.5 mSurfingNo injury, shark bit surfboardNO 13yo Zoe Stein
Mpande 07-12-2015 MorningSwimming / WadingLacerations to both hands and forearmsNO 22yo Tamsin Scott
Jeffrey's Bay 18-07-2015 White sharkSurfingNo injuryNO 34yo Mick Fanning
Port St. John's 01-05-2015 13h00White shark, 3.5 mDivingInjuries to leg, left arm & both handsNO 29yo Mathieu Dasnois
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