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List of all shark attacks in Texas

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 75 shark attacks in Texas. Out of those, 7 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 9.33%. 60 attacks came out of the blue while 15 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Sunday Beach, Matagorda Island, Calhoun County 06-07-2011 17h00SwimmingFoot bittenNO 12yo Nicholas Vossler
Mustang Island, Nueces County 06-07-2011 Wade FishingLacerations to right footNO 14yo Shawn Hamilton
Follett's Island, Brazoria County 29-05-2011 15h00Standing or boogie boardinLacerations & punctures to right thighNO 22yo Kori Robertson
Matagorda Beach 28-03-2011 Blacktip shark pupStanding, holding shark pupMinor laceration to shoulder from captive shark PROVOKED INCIDENTNO Orlando
Galveston 15-07-2010 FishingLeg bittenNO Charlie Gauzer
Eight Mile Beach, Galveston 26-06-2010 Bull shark, 5'SurfingLacerations to right footNO 20yo Chad Rogers
South Padre Island 23-07-2009 AfternoonWadingLacerations to anterior left lower legNO 14yo Deidre Casas
Isla Blanca Park, South Padre Island 06-10-2006 1' to 4' sharkSurfingLacerations to lower left legNO Freddy Torres
Sargent Beach, Matagorda County 22-07-2006 Bull shark, 4' to 5'Surf fishingRight foot bittenNO R.K. Halbert
Crystal Beach (east of Galveston) 18-08-2005 20h00WalkingLeft foot bittenNO 12yo Julian Elizondo
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