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List of all shark attacks in Victoria

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 92 shark attacks in Victoria. Out of those, 14 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 15.22%. 58 attacks came out of the blue while 34 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Winkipop 08-03-2018 07h301.8 m sharkSurfingMinor injury, ankle grazedNO 18yo Lachie Brown
Lorne 08-03-2018 15h303.5 m sharkSwimmingNo injury, said to have been charged by sharks several timesNO 69yo Rob Crossland
Westernport Bay 17-02-2018 NightKayak fishing for sharksShark rammed kayak, no injury to occupant PROVOKED INCIDENTNO 34yo Brett Palmer
Cathedral Rock 28-08-2017 10h30White shark, 3 mSurfingNo injury, board bittenNO 37yo Marcel Brundler
Flinders, Mornington Penisula 09-06-2017 15h45Seven-gill sharkSurfingNo injury, knocked off boardNO female
Queenscliff 27-11-2016 11h00Broadnose sevengill shark, 1.5 mFishingLaceration to right hand by hooked & gaffed shark. PROVOKED INCIDENTNO 73yo Rod McFarlane
Thirteenth Beach 16-09-2016 SurfingStruck by fin on chest & legNO Rory Angiolella
Bells Beach 15-09-2016 2 m sharkSurfingNo injury: Knocked off board by sharkNO male
Tyrendarra Beach 26-07-2015 SurfingInjury to handNO 40yo male
Tyrendarra Beach near Portland 22-07-2015 Bronze whaler shark, 1.5mSurfingLeft hand bittenNO 40yo male
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