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List of all shark attacks in french-polynesia

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 27 shark attacks in FRENCH POLYNESIA. Out of those, 2 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 7.41%. 21 attacks came out of the blue while 6 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Afareitu Lagoonarium. 13-11-2019 5' blacktip sharkFeeding sharksMultiple lacerations to right armNO 9yo James Tigo
Opunohu Bay 20-10-2019 11h30Oceanic whitetip sharkSnorkelingSevere injuries to arms and chestNO 35yo Emmanuelle B
Atuona Bay, Hiva Oa Island 04-06-2017 SurfingInjuries to hand and wristNO male
Takapoto Atoll 10-12-2016 FishingHand injured?NO 40syo male
Makemo Atoll 17-04-2016 MorningGrey reef shark, 2 mSpearfishingSevere lacerations to right forearm, hand and calf from speared shark PROVOKED INCIDENTNO 26yo Teva Tokoragi
Makemo Atoll 17-04-2016 MorningGrey reef shark, 2 mSpearfishingLaceration to knee by speared shark PROVOKED INCIDENTNO 22yo Hoata Iotua
05-07-2015 No shark involvementSwimmingParallel lacerations to torso inconsistent with shark biteNO Joe Termini
Avatoru Pass 24-05-2015 08h001m to 1.2 m sharkSpearfishingLacerations to right forearmNO 19yo male
Anau 15-03-2015 10h00Blacktip sharkHand feeding sharksHand bittenNO 9yo male
Tupapati, Hikueru Atoll 06-03-2015 Blacktip Reef sharkSitting in the waterThigh bittenNO 18 monthsyo male
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