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List of all shark attacks in japan

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 34 shark attacks in JAPAN. Out of those, 12 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 35.29%. 23 attacks came out of the blue while 11 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Iwata City 02-09-2017 10h00SurfingInjury to ankle & feetNO 42yo male
Irino Beach 23-07-2016 19h05SurfingLacerations to left legNO 29yo male
22-12-2014 Goblin sharkDiving / FilmingNo injury, shark snagged its teeth in diver's suitNO male
Aichi 07-06-2014 AfternoonSurfingLeft arm bittenNO 43yo Tsuyoshi Takahashi
Off Miyako Island 03-01-2014 Sea disaster5 cm bite to left footNO 31yo Rianto
29-01-2008 Goblin shark, 4.2'DivingNo injury, captive shark attempted to bite diver's arm PROVOKED INCIDENTtNO
Susami 14-07-2004 Longfin mako shark, 3.5 m [11.5'], 350-kg [772-lb]Fishing for squid aboard the trawler Shikishima-Maru when the shark leapt into the boatSuffered broken ribs when the shark's tail fin slammed into his chestNO 51yo Yuji Torimi
460 miles off Iwakuni 01-11-1998 6' sharkFishing for tunaPROVOKED INCIDENT Knee bitten by shark trapped in netNO 52yo Tadashi Kodama
Atsumi Peninsula 08-04-1995 10h156 m [20'] white sharkScuba diving for bivalvesFATALYES 47yo Shintaro Hara
Tatsugo-cho 21-08-1994 SurvivedNO Nagisa Yasuhara
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