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List of all shark attacks in panama

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 32 shark attacks in PANAMA. Out of those, 18 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 56.25%. 27 attacks came out of the blue while 5 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Playa La Cabaña 17-10-2009 18h30WadingArm & torso bittenNO 10yo female
Red Frog Beach 30-09-2009 Swimming/FATALYES 20yo male
Playa Teta 26-07-2008 18h003' sharkSwimming or surfing5 lacerations to left footNO Gerardo Solis
31-10-2003 Nurse shark, 60 cm to 90 cm [2' to 3']SpearfishingLeft forearm bitten PROVOKED INCIDENTNO Richard Hatch
off Culebra Fishing with dynamite, afterwards in water retrieving catchFATAL, leg severedYES 14yo Valentin Alonso
300 yards west of mouth of the Chagres River 13h002.7 m [9'] shark with black-tipped pectoral finsBathingFoot & hand severedNO male, a US soldier
Swimming to shore from the MedicFATALYES male
Taboga Island Bay 10h00Moreno’s leg & part of his swim suit found in 9' shark caught two hours after the attack. Identified as carcharhinid shark by L. Schultz & C. Limbaugh on photographSwimmingFATAL, multiple injuries including evisceration, 3 fractures of right arm, 5 fingers & leg severed below kneeYES 17yo Abraham Moreno
Pacific Anchorage off the Panama Canal After midnightInebriated, woke from sleep and fell off deck into the waterKnee bittenNO 35yo male
18" to 24" sharkSkindivingBoy seized shark by its tail, shark bit boy’s forearm PROVOKED INCIDENTNO boy
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