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List of all shark attacks in vanuatu

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 14 shark attacks in VANUATU. Out of those, 9 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 64.29%. 12 attacks came out of the blue while 2 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Atchin Island off Malakula 21-06-2005 AfternoonOn 8/13/2005 anglers from New Zealand caught a 2.8 m [9'3"], 140-kg [309-lb] shark at the same spot. It was believed this was the same shark that killed AlyshaSwimmingFATALYES 7yo Alysha Margaret Webster
Malakula (Malakula Island) 10-11-2004 09h00SnorkelingThigh bittenNO 30syo a German tourist (male)
Aniwa Island 09-12-1994 No detailsNO
Port Sandwich, Malakula 18-06-1992 SwimmingRight leg was bitten above and below the knee and an artery was puncturedNO 21yo Andrea Rush
Malakula 31-07-1989 FATALYES female
Hokai, Malakula 31-07-1987 A large hammerhead sharkAttempting to drive shark from areaSpeared shark broke outrigger of canoe throwing man into the water & shark bit his buttock PROVOKED INCIDENTNO a chief
Vao Island 31-03-1987 12h004.3 m sharkSwimmingFATALYES 8yo male
Port Sandwich Bay, Lamap, Malakula 31-12-1984 FATALYES American child
Atchin Island, off Malakula 02-06-1984 SwimmingFATALYES 20syo Felix Brem
Off the beach opposite Atchin Island, Malakula 31-12-1982 Ran into the waterFATAL, arm/shoulder severedYES Swedish tourist
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