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List of all shark attacks by Great White shark

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


Great White shark is responsible for 647 attacks. Out of those, 144 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 22.26%. 490 attacks came out of the blue while 157 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

AUSTRALIA Cull Island / Esperance 04-01-2020 13h00White sharkScuba divingFATALYES 57yo Gary Johnson
AUSTRALIA Shellharbour 19-12-2019 White sharkFishingPROVOKED INCIDENTNO
SOUTH AFRICA East London 08-11-2019 06h50White shark, 4 mKayaking fishingNo injury, kayak damagedNO Bradley Beamish
AUSTRALIA Lighthouse Beach 04-10-2019 16h00White shark, 3.5 mSurfingNo injury, surfboard severely damagedNO 29yo Mike Bruton
AUSTRALIA Burns Beach, Perth 06-09-2019 09h0014' white sharkSpearfishingNo injury, shark bit swim finNO Joe Petrovich
NEW ZEALAND Pitt Island or Chatham Island 16-07-2019 MorningWhite shark, 3mScuba divingShark rammed him but no injuryNO 45yo Val Croon
SOUTH AFRICA East Beach, Port Alfred 09-07-2019 10h30White shark, juvenileSurfingLeg injuredNO 20'syo Dusty Phelan
USA Sandspit Beach, Montaña de Oro State Park 07-01-2019 10h00White shark, 4.6mSurfingCuts to both lower legsNO 19yo Nick Wapner
SOUTH AFRICA Tinley Manor 10-11-2018 MorningWhite shark, 3mFishingSurf-ski bitten but no injury to occupantNO 41yo Bryon Machado
NEW ZEALAND Baylys Beach 18-10-2018 18h00White Shark, 3.2m to 3.5mSurfingSevere lacerations to arm and hand and cut to faceNO 25yo Andrew 'Nugget' Brough
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