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List of all shark attacks by Oceanic Whitetip shark

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


Oceanic Whitetip shark is responsible for 33 attacks. Out of those, 7 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 21.21%. 25 attacks came out of the blue while 8 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

FRENCH POLYNESIA Opunohu Bay 20-10-2019 11h30Oceanic whitetip sharkSnorkelingSevere injuries to arms and chestNO 35yo Emmanuelle B
EGYPT Brothers' Island 06-11-2018 Oceanic whitetip sharkScuba divingCalf muscle removedNO male
EGYPT Marsa Ghalib 04-08-2017 Oceanic whitetip shark, 1.8 to 2 mSnorkelingBite to right leg/hipNO 20yo Kirsten Schachinger
BAHAMAS Tahiti Beach, Elbow Cay 05-01-2015 16h00White shark or oceanic whitetip sharkSnorkelingSevere bite to right flankNO 34yo Lacy Webb
ST. MARTIN 20 miles from shore 26-06-2014 Oceanic whitetip shark'Transatlantic RowingHis boat was holed by a sharkNO 48yo Victor Mooney
USA 31-12-2013 Oceanic whitetip sharkFree diving / Photographing pilot whales"Minor laceration to shoulder"NO male
USA Waiehu, Maui 22-10-2013 15h55Whitetip reef shark, 4' to 6'Diving3" laceration to left hipNO 45yo Shane Mills
UNITED KINGDOM St. Ives 13-06-2011 Oceanic whitetip shark, 7'FishingNo injury, shark slammed into boatNO 16' Dreamcatcher. Occupant: Ian Bussus
EGYPT Middle Garden, Sharm el-Shiekh 04-12-2010 12h00Oceanic whitetip shark, 2.5mSnorkelingFATALYES 70yo Renate Seiffert
EGYPT Coral Bay, Sharm el-Sheikh 29-11-2010 14h40Oceanic whitetip shark, 2.5m, femaleSnorkelingFoot and arm bittenNO 48yo Olga Martsinko
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