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List of all shark attacks by Tiger shark

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


Tiger shark is responsible for 275 attacks. Out of those, 76 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 27.64%. 232 attacks came out of the blue while 43 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

USA Kona Coast State Park 17-06-2013 12h50Tiger shark, 14'SwimmingRight thigh & calf bittenNO 28yo James Kerrigan
MEXICO Seagull Beach, Cancun 23-04-2013 13h40Tiger sharkSwimmingAvulsion injury to lower right legNO 34yo Isabella Carchia
JAMAICA Pillikin Red Light area 11-03-2013 09h00Tiger shark, 4.8 mSpearfishingFATALYES 68yo George Facey
USA Kiholo Bay 15-01-2013 16h30Tiger shark, 15'SurfingLeft forearm bittenNO 43yo Paul Santos
SOUTH AFRICA Port St. John's 24-12-2012 Tiger sharkSwimmingFATALYES 20yo Liya Sibili
AUSTRALIA Trigg Beach 18-12-2012 0830Tiger shark, 6'SurfingNo injuryNO 32yo Richard Wands
USA Kihei, Maui 29-11-2012 09h40Tiger shark, 10'SnorkelingLacerations to thigh & lower left legNO 61yo Thomas Floyd Kennedy
USA Makena Landing, Maui 03-11-2012 08h30Tiger shark, 15'DivingRight lower leg and foot bittenNO 30yo Mark Riglos
USA Davidson's Surf Break, Kekaha, Kaua'i 03-11-2012 08h10Tiger shark, 8'SurfingNo injury, surfboard bittenNO 43yo male
USA Makena Landing, Maui 26-10-2012 15h56Tiger shark, 10' to 12'SwimmingPuncture wounds to thigh, defense wounds to handNO 51yo Mariko Haugen
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