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List of all shark attacks in bahamas

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 115 shark attacks in BAHAMAS. Out of those, 11 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 9.57%. 89 attacks came out of the blue while 26 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Off Cay Sal Banks 05-12-1986 Adrift after ditching plane in the seaNo injury, bumped by sharksNO 37yo Wyatt Walker
Green Turtle Cay 07-07-1983 12h00SpearfishingLacerations to left calfNO 13yo Eric Gijsendorfer
Off Sandy Point, Great Abaco Island 21-06-1983 16h00SpearfishingFATALYES 15yo Carl James Harth
Carter Cay 14-06-1983 11h006' blacktip sharkLacerations to hand & footNO 30yo Roger Yost
Whale Cay 31-05-1983 17h00Caribbean reef sharkSpearfishingLacerations to thigh & buttocksNO Carl Starling
North Rat Cay Reef 25-06-1982 Lemon shark, 2 m [6'9"]SpearfishingArm severed at elbowNO 19yo Philip Sweeting
Gingerbread Reef, east of Little Isaac Island 06-08-1981 12h00Mako shark (tooth fragments recovered)Snorkeling on surfaceUpper right arm bittenNO 53yo Robert Marx
Memory Rock, 18 miles from NW end of the Island 13-09-1973 14h307' to 8' bull sharkFree diving, SpearfishingLeft hand & forearm laceratedNO 11yo Kevin G. Schlusemeyer
Anchored off the largest island in the group Late afternoon1.2 m to 1.5 m [4' to 5'] sharkSwimming along side N.E.L. vessel SaludaMinor injury, ankle scratched by shark's teethNO 48yo Herbert J. Mann
North of Walkers Cay 12h00Tiger shark, <2 m TLSpearfishing, had fish on his spearNo injury, shark went for diver's leg & missed, diver hit shark on head with speargun & shark bit speargunNO 36yo Stanton Waterman
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