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List of all shark attacks in new-zealand

Fatal Attacks


Unprovoked Attacks


Total Attacks


There have been a total of 135 shark attacks in NEW ZEALAND. Out of those, 24 have unfortunately been fatal which brings the percentage of fatal attacks to 17.78%. 86 attacks came out of the blue while 49 have been provoked by humans.




Non Fatal

Oreti Beach 15-01-2020 20h30Broadnose seven gill shark?SurfingMinor injury to lower legNO 13yo Jordan King
Oreti Beach 23-12-2019 "Evening"Boogie boardingLaceration to thighNO 17yo female
Pitt Island or Chatham Island 16-07-2019 MorningWhite shark, 3mScuba divingShark rammed him but no injuryNO 45yo Val Croon
Oreti Beach 28-01-2019 EveningReported as shark bite but injury caused by stingrayBoogie boardingGash to thighNO 17yo female
Matauri Bay 14-12-2018 11h20Mako shark, 7'SpearfishingInjuries to leg and handNO 24yo Kevin Lloyd
Ti Point 08-12-2018 08h00Bronze whaler 2.5mSpearfishingNo injuryNO 50yo Anton Oleinik
Baylys Beach 18-10-2018 18h00White Shark, 3.2m to 3.5mSurfingSevere lacerations to arm and hand and cut to faceNO 25yo Andrew 'Nugget' Brough
Off Tapuna Beach, Auckand 20-10-2017 09h002 m sharkKayakingNo injury, shark shook kayak x3NO David Lomas
Off Tutukaka 25-08-2017 CanoeingNo injury, shark bit canoeNO Matt Kensington
Porpoise Bay, Catlins 26-04-2017 14h00Body boardingPuncture wounds & laceration above kneeNO 20syo female
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